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K82F based FRDM board flashing procedure

Question asked by Vivek Kaushik on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by Robin_Shen



I am using KSDK 2.6.0 for K82F based FRDM board, I am using MCUXpresso IDE.


I am able to compile all example and my own code and flash and able to test on FRDM board and everything is working fine.


I would like to know any alternative simple way of flashing binary to FRDM board instead of using MCUXpresso, as I have to share my binary with other teams, who will not use MCUXPresso IDE, if there is alternative simple flashing mechanism available for my other teams to use then I do not need to share and explain them to use MCUXpresso IDE.


Please support.


Kind Regards