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How to bypass the impact of VCORE_FB_UV, VAUX_UV and VCCA_UV when using SBC4500

Question asked by 新光 王 on Sep 11, 2019
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when I using FS4500CAE chip to manage S32K144 power fault, I encountered some questions as below.

  1. This has three errors which is VCORE_FB_UV, VAUX_UV and VCCA_UV. Due to these errors, the RSTB and FS0B  pins are low, ABIST1 is not OK as well. And I can't enter INIT_FS mode to bypass the impact of them.
  2. When I enter Debug mode(Of course, there are errors above), and main state machine is normal mode, the register states about CAN has no error, but I can't get message from can box using laptop. My same program works OK on another board which has the same MCU pin about CAN, I wonder to know why it doesn't work.

I'm very appreciated if you could give me any suggestions about it.

Thanks a lot!