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Relocating specific function in RAM Location

Question asked by Gaurav More on Sep 10, 2019
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I am using MKE04Z128VLH4 controller in one of my project. I am using this controller for parallel communication with other controller using GPIO lines. But the timming whihc is comming is not as exepected. Then ii put the complete application in SRAM in MCUXpresso and checked for the performance.


I found the improvement by putting the code in SRAM and using FGPIO. But since the code sie is small it was possible. But not only the critical function is required to put in SRAM. I want to put that specific function in SRAM location


I am not able create the section so that I can locate that function in the SRAM location.


Please let me know how to relocate the function in SRAM in MCUXpresso. I am using MCU Xpresso V10.3.1_2233.

Since the space in RAM is only 16 KB so I want to put the specific function on the RAM location.


Also let me know whether using this approach will there be ant improvement in the timming and function execution?



Gaurav More