Terry Tyndall

Can I use the 3rd Uart on the M52233Demo board?

Discussion created by Terry Tyndall on Feb 27, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2009 by Mark Butcher

Hey Guys,


Does anybody know if and how I can use the 3rd uart (UART 2) on the M52233Demo board?

I believe it's doable by using the SCL & SDA pins as UTXD2 & URXD2. 


 This is the table from the Pin Functions:


MCF52235 ColdFire® Integrated Microcontroller Reference Manual, Rev. 5


SCL & SDA Alternate functions.


 SCL   CANTX4    UTXD2  PAS[0]   PDSR[0]

 SDA   CANRX4   URXD2   PAS[1]   PDSR[0]




I'm using the Inter-niche program. I'm Defining the pins like this: 


        | MCF_GPIO_DDRAS_DDRAS1); //only AS1 or UTXD2 is an output. 


            | MCF_GPIO_PASPAR_SCL_UTXD2);


The demo board is an 80 pin part that doesn't have a UTXD2 or URXD2 primary pin. SDA & SCL in an  alternate purpose is the way to create a 3rd UART. The question I have is when an interrupt is created where is the vector interrupt? Where UTXD2 & URXD2 normally are? It's not working.


 Any ideas?