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Convert YUYV422 to I420 on i.MX8 (Mini)?

Question asked by Jonathan Olson on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Joan Xie

Is it possible to use G2D on the iMX8 to perform YUYV422 -> YUV420P conversion?


On the iMX6, I used the IPU to perform YUV422 -> YUV420P (planar) conversion.  However, the iMX8 (Mini) has dropped the IPU.  Apparently from the i.MX8M Mini datasheet, the G2D module can perform this conversion.


YUV Support:

• Full Multi destination support for converting non-planar YUV formats to planar YUV. It is used in extracting various components from input color into different destination planes

• YUV422 output with alpha blending supported


However, the Freescale libg2d library does not support "multi destination" and gives the following error if G2D_I420 is specified for a destination format.


g2d_blit_2d: Invalid dst format 21!


Is there a newer libg2d library than 6.2.4.p2.3 which supports this "multi destination" format on i.MX8?  Since the output of MIPI-CSI2 can only support YUV422, it's really slow to perform this operation in software.