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MPC5748G conflict pin with USB_0 and GPIO

Question asked by Gaëtan COBIGO on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hello NXP team,


I need some help in my software development for the microcontroller MPC5748G. I use S32DS for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1 with a 0.8.2 SDK package.


I use the SDK to configure my entire microcontroller pin. I can chose a port between the port Q and H for the data 4 to the data 7. I select the port Q for the USB_0, because I want to use some pins of the port H in output mode.

However, went I configure the pin PH4, PH5, PH6 and PH7 in output mode I have some pin conflict with the pin PQ7, PQ6, PQ5 and PQ4 with the USB_0 and I don’t understand.


Furthermore, if I configure for example PQ7 for the USB_0 and like an SIUL input pin I have no problem. I think it some strange, because have a problem went I use two pin in two different application but the same pin for two different application it normal for processor expert.


I don’t know if someone had ever the same problem or not. I try to find some information in the MPC5748G reference manual ref. 6 and on the internet without success. 


I hope to hear from NXP team soon, thank you