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NTAG213 NFC Tab design

Question asked by Lin Fiske on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias
  1.        If we design NFC antenna according to AN11276.pdf (attached), do we still need matching circuit between coil and NTAG213
  2.         According to attached excel document, we need to input coil capacitance (Printed: 2-4pF) and turn Exponent (Printed 1.7-1.8) to the excel table for antenna parameter calculation. Please tell me how to determinate these two value based on PCB parameter (for example dielectric constant, pcb thickness)
  3.       Please tell me how to determine connection capacitance (0.5 – 2pF) inside the attached excel file
  4.      Please also send me the NTAG213 application circuit (MOA8 package)( any external component required), packet outline and foot print recommendation. I cannot get the information on web
  5.       Because of the size limit, we want to do 2 layer design. Inside the attached excel file if we set Number of layers to 2, what should we input to the Number of turns item(number of turns of single layer or sum of the two layers). Besides, please give me design example (gerber and excel file ) of multiple layer PCB coil design
  6.      Please send above information to email