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Dual core allocating space for instructions, data and variables

Question asked by dingelen on Sep 9, 2019
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I'm using the MPC55S66 for a new project. This is a dual core and I want to optimally make use of bus and memory structure. So each core it's own code area (flash and sramx) and each it's own working ram.


So my question is how do I setup a project so that:


Core 0 uses:

- FLASH for code and data

- SRAM0 for variables, heap, stack


- SRAM2 shared memory with core 1


Core 1 uses:

- SRAMX for cade and data

- SRAM1 for variables, heap, stack

- SRAM2 shared memory with core 0


I've found the "LPC55xx multicore applications ..." manual and all similar online but they didn't completly answer my question. They only seem to answer how to load Core 1 to SRAMX.


The SDK examples are also not very clear on how to do this.