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MCF51QE - Little question about ISCOUT...very easy, but i don't know, please help

Discussion created by Jorge Andres Reyes Alvarez on Feb 27, 2009
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Hi, this is the question...i want to win a little of time here asking here, sorry...


Im working with de MCF51QE and it has in the module of internal source clock (ISC) an output that names ISCOUT. I configured this module to have a ISCOUT of 8MHz using the internal clock reference. I want to make a delay function using a FOR function (short time, want it to use it in the delay times of a LCD display), the question is: The instructions runs with the ISCOUT(8MHz) clock or with the bus clock? I know that the CPU runs with the ISCOUT....but im not fully sure...


Thanks for your help, but please help's a little one!