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PN7150 with ISO 15693

Question asked by Tom Schwartz on Sep 7, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2019 by Kan_Li

I got my OM5578 eval working with an Arduino and Ntag cards. Now I want to add ISO15693 cards but I am somehow stuck. I am using this library: GitHub - ThomasBuhot/arduino-nfc: Near Field Communication (NFC) library for Arduino 

I extended the discover map and discover command:

TX: 0x21 0x0 0xD 0x4 0x6 0x1 0x1 0x3 0x1 0x1 0x2 0x1 0x1 0x1 0x1 0x1
RX: 0x41 0x0 0x1

TX: 0x21 0x3 0x7 0x3 0x6 0x1 0x2 0x1 0x0 0x1
RX: 0x41 0x3 0x1

but after that I get:

NCI_RX: 0x536872312[3]: 0x60 0x7 0x1
NCI_RX: 0x536872315[1]: 0xA1
NCI error: unhandled core notification event oid = 7

Any ideas what this response means?