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Looking for Feedback on S12ZVL-MINIKIT Review

Discussion created by Kas Lewis on Sep 6, 2019
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I was requested to do a review of the S12ZVML-MINIKIT / S12ZVML-MINIBRD and was looking for feedback on my review as well as the product in general from those within the NXP community and more specifically the S12 community. The full review can be found on Element14's website here. I look forward to the feedback and comments from the community. 


Kas Lewis



Having been asked by Element14 and given the option to review a second small motor control board I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The S12ZVML-MINIKIT, developed by Freescale and rebranded by NXP, is a motor controller evaluation board. Its intended use is with 3-phase BLDC and PMSM motors in sensorless control applications. These include cordless tools, automotive applications, as well as others where low cost is important. Keep Reading...