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Acquisition FLEXIO/SD card

Question asked by Lacouture Patrice on Sep 6, 2019
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I am working on a project of data acquisition. I must store data from ADC into a micro SD card. The data are from 1 bit to 4 bits (0/, sampled by a configured external clock from 16MHz to 32 MHz.


I found the micro Kinetis K80 that could be a solution thanks to the Flexio and the SD card controller. I have some questions.


Acquisition: Flexio,


1)  What is the expected maximum input external Clock supported by the FlexIO peripheral for K80 (sampling)?

2)  Is there any other NXP micro that can support higher input external Clock than K80?


Record: SD card controller

3) According to the SD card information, a micro SDXC SanDisk Extreme 128 Go can write data until 90 Mo/s. What could be the maximum writing speed that I can expect by using FatFs or blocks.

4) Which SD card would you recommend me to use for having the best writing performance.


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