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What is MCMGR?

Question asked by Thomas Orsi on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Bio_TICFSL

I am little confused on what the Multicore Manager Library is and whether or not it is available for IMX8MM? 


I was researching rpmsg_lite today and saw some evidence that the rpmsg_lite can support MCMGR, but I am having a difficult time finding the library or the source / headers for MCMGR for IMX8MM?


Because we are in the initial design and implementation of our system, I want to make the right choice, if MCMGR is available for IMX8MM? The benefits are clearly outlined in the documentation I obtained,  I suspect the only disadvantage is code size and maybe speed? 


These following lines of code in the rpmsg_lite demo initiated this inquiry:


./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c:#ifdef MCMGR_USED
./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c: MCMGR_GetStartupData(kMCMGR_Core1, &startupData);
./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c: MCMGR_SignalReady(kMCMGR_Core1);
./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c:#endif /* MCMGR_USED */
./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c:#ifdef MCMGR_USED
./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c: MCMGR_Init();
./projects/rpmsg_demo/main_remote.c:#endif /* MCMGR_USED */