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How to set the transmit power in JN5169-001-M06

Question asked by 心有余悸 周 on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río

I am using JN-AN-1184, but when I put the routing device or terminal device to 5 meters away, the device is unstable and will be dropped. I saw a lot of posts about the launch power on the Internet, but they have not been resolved.
I wrote it in the vAppMain function on all devices.
     /* Define HIGH_POWER_ENABLE to enable high power module */
vAppApiSetComplianceLimits(0, -10, 81);
vAHI_HighPowerModuleEnable(TRUE, TRUE);
No effect!
And I read a lot of information about the maximum output power of the JN5169 is 10dBm, I want to know what is the default of my device? And I also follow the way on the post is used vAppApiSetComplianceLimits, no effect, what else do I need to pay attention to? There is also how vAppApiSetComplianceLimits is used to calculate power. What is the transmission distance of their pairing?

For example, how can I set 9dBm, how much transmission distance does it correspond to under ideal conditions?


Really need your help, thank you Mario Ignacio Castaneda LopezDheeraj Sawant@