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Copying object files from ROM to RAM

Question asked by Baasanjav Jargalsaikhan on Sep 4, 2019
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I am confused on how to copy an object file that contains functions that erase, write, and read flash memory through flexspi. 


I am working with MIMXRT1060-EVK dev-kit. I followed the IAR C/C++ Development Guide for Linking and compiling ( ).

But when check the map file, none of them seems to work with my code. 

I think I am doing something wrong while I am working with the linker file. 


In my linker file, I typed initialize by copy, which copies the file from ROM to RAM. 


initialize by copy {
/* Place in RAM flash and performance dependent functions */
object flexspi_nor_flash_ops.o,
object fsl_flexspi.o,
section .textrw


My code is sitting in flash, I just wanted to copy and run the flexspi_erase, write, and read functions from the RAM to erase and write to the Flash memory. 


If it is possible could you help me to tackle the problem?

Thank you.