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SerialManager SPI example(s)

Question asked by syl_vain on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hello, where can I found some examples of SerialManager using a SPI connection ? I'm a beginner with the QN9080 platform, I start with wireless/bluetooth examples, trying to add a SPI connection. Do you recommand to use the SerialManager framework, or to use lower level driver (fsl_spi) as in SDK driver examples ?


The framework seems to be not completely mature, am I wrong? I find it not well documented, no examples are provided for SerialManager for example, and I think it includes error.


I use the SDK_2.2.0_QN908XCDK

In SerialManager.c: 

void SerialInterface_Reinit(uint8_t instance)

#if (gSerialMgrUseSPI_c)
   SPI_Init(instance, &mDrvData[i].spiState, NULL, NULL);
#endif /* #if (gSerialMgrUseSPI_c) */

The function SPI_Init(...) is not defined, only Spi_Init(...).


Thanks in advance