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How to create bootable SD card for ls1043a

Question asked by stacym on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Yiping Wang

Hello all,

I have been struggling through the QorIQ 2.0 SDK documentation and forum threads in hope of learning how to create a bootable SD card for a product based on the ls1043ARDB.  Our product has a few differences from the reference design:

1.  RGMII phys (2 of them) are at different addresses

2. We used different phy devices

I have a working system, originally built with Yocto, then ported by copying the kernel, u-boot and rootfs to a Linux command line environment where we modified files needed and build with makefiles.  Our current design boots from NOR flash.  My goal is a fully bootable SD card


I'm having difficulties sorting out the different information in SDK and forum regarding how many partitions to create on SD card, how to format them, what is required on each partition


If 2 partitions are needed, I believe partition 1 (bootable) must contain the following:

u-boot.bin file (SD card bootable ie: CONFIG_SD_BOOT=Y  ???)

u-boot environment - if needed, how is this prepared for deployment onto SD card?

rcw.bin file (for SD card) - if needed, how/where is this written to SD card?

I have each of the individual files above, do I need to build them together into the u-boot.bin file?  If that is the case, can anyone point me to information on how to do that?


Partition 2 would contain:

root file system

kernel.itb (which has rootfs, kernel and dtb)

Am I correct that I need to extract the rootfs.tar.gz directory structure onto the SD card and copy kernel.itb to the /boot directory?


Can anyone clarify whether or not 2 partitions are required and how each should be formatted?


Our CPLD is programmed to push a different RCW Source (with SD card enabled) if an SD card is detected


Thanks for the help,