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IMX8M-EVK Linux Operation - How to?

Question asked by Tim Andrews on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Rita Wang



We have a MCIMX8-EVK.  It arrived running Android.  So we followed the simple instructions to load Linux on the uSD "Getting Started".   The loader tool ran successfully, however the board did not boot.  Removing the SD card, Android no longer boots.  Looking at the uSD card shows it to be blank.   Running the FTDI driver will not install from Win 10 host. Tera Term will not run. The Linux user guide does not have a boot from uSD configuration for the IMX8-EVK.   Most all information is very complex and does not work.  The Linux user guide has massive variations listed depending on the IMX series.  Is there any simple instructions that allows one to copy a Linux image from windows 10 to a uSD card, to then plug the uSD card in the IMX8-EVK and boot?  That is simple?  Is it even possible to load Linux on a uSD card, set the boot switches and run?  Any guidance is appreciated.  Thank you!