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Question: i.MX8M Mini possible to generate MCLK while in I2S slave mode?

Question asked by Takashi Sagisaka on Sep 3, 2019
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I'm quite newbie to i.MX series and now designing custom board with design partner.

OS works on it will be a customized embedded linux.

I'd like to interface i.MX8M Mini (hereinafter called just SoC) with certain DSP that needs external MCLK while it's in I2S master mode.

Originally, MCLK (24.576MHz) is generated by clock device aside from DSP and SoC, but now we're trying to remove it for cost, by generating MCLK from SoC.

One concern is, even SoC needs to be a I2S slave, if it's possible to generate MCLK or not.

If not, then alternatively generate MCLK from another SAI is possible or not?



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