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Flashing ECU with preexisting .elf file

Question asked by Pascal Christ on Sep 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Shane Pierce

First i have to state that i am new to CW. I searched the forum and skimmed available pdf instructions but was not able to find the precise information i am looking for.

First of all I am using CW MPC55xx and MPC56xx ver. 2.10 build 120305. My employer recently purchased the full version.


My case seems to me like a very basic use case. I have a preexisting .elf file that i want to flash the MPC5643L with.

I will start CW, choose new Project, select the corresponding ECU, leave all the presets as is and click on next/ok repeatedly. Next in will click on "Project" -> "Add Files" select the .elf file, a window opens, i click ok and i can see the .elf file to the left now.

Now i can flash the ECU? How? Do i have to alter some additional settings?


Btw the i created the .elf file with the "DaVinci" tools by "Vector Informatics" and "Matlab Simulink" and followed AUTOSAR standards.


Thank you for your help.