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CW 10.3 license

Question asked by arnogir on Sep 3, 2019
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Since many years, I used the CW10.3 with a buy license, with the P&E multilink universal.

With this, I use some Kinetis (with KDS without problem) and on HCS08 (MC13213) with CW v10.3.


I changed my computer by the beginning of this year.

Currently, I need do some rework on the old project using CW 10.3, P&E ML universal and MC13213.

But I have problem with codewarior 10.3 which is unable to upgrade the Pemicro firmware.


Pemicro support indicate to meCWv10.3 is not supported with new firmware.

Then I waiting her answer to get old firmwas which was compatible....

Or he advice to me to pass to CW v11.1...


I seen here CWv11.1 is evaluation version of 45day...

1) Is possible to move my v10.3 license to the v11.1?

2) Or could I retry here some P&E micro driver/firmware to make it work currently with the CW v10.3?...

3) It is easy to migrate CW10.3 project to CW v11.1?

4) May be can I use MCU expresso? (Is free of charge? Without licence? How port CW v10.3 project to MCUExpresso?)