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BSS section too large

Question asked by Florian Fouillet on Sep 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Victor Jimenez

Hi everyone,


I'm using the MIMXRT1064-EVK with the MCUXpresso IDE (v11.0.0 [Build 2516] [2019-06-05]) for a project.


I'm facing a memory issue when the linker is invoked. Apparently the BSS section is too large and I don't have enough RAM.


this is the memory details:




and this is the current issue i'm facing:




I have a huge BSS section. I'm working on a large project with FreeRTOS and lwip enabled. Since the linked can't be completed I can't run a size on the executable to show you the BSS section. I put in attachment my *.ld files.



My questions are:


  • Regarding my memory details can I increase the RAM space and how?
  • Is there anything you can advise me to do regarding this issue?



Thank you,