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about GPIO DC Parameters

Question asked by on Sep 3, 2019
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About i.MX 7Dual Family of Applications Processors Datasheet Table 29. GPIO DC Parameters
The Min value and Max value of the following parameter are defined by the following formula.
High-level output voltage (VOH) Min is 0.8 × OVDD
Low-level output voltage (VOL) Max is 0.2 × OVDD
Test Conditions are IOH = –1.8mA, –3.6mA, –7.2mA, –10.8mA, IOL = 1.8mA, 3.6mA, 7.2mA, 10.8mA.

In reality, it does not carry that much current.
Please tell me VOH (min) and VOL (max) when the current is lower.
Or if I have a current versus voltage graph, I want.


For example, when VOH and VIL conditions of Table 22. GPIO DC Parameters of i.MX 6Solo / 6DualLite Applications Processors for Industrial Products


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