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MCF5445X performance

Discussion created by Xiangbiao Tong on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2009 by Matthew Lear

 I have tested  mcf54455 fei performance on m54455evb + linuxBsp using netperf-2.4.4.tar.gz. I used a ethernet cable connect linux pc to m54455evb ,so no other net devices can affect test result.test result here:

1. M54455EVB(server)<-->M54455EVB(client)(on single machine): 83Mbits/s.

(on single machine ,first execute netserver,and then execute netperf -H


2. M54455EVB(server,<-->linux pc (client,   23Mbits/s. 

(run netserver on m5445evb,run netperf -H on pc linux)


3. M54455EVB(client,<-->linux pc(server,   12Mbits/s. 

(run netserver on linux pc,run netperf -H on m54455evb)


But,I run netperf -H on AT91RM9200+Linux2.6,the result is 60Mbit/s. AT91RM9200 run on 180Mhz(200mips),mcf5445x run on 266mhz(410mips).


I have update the patch (2008/08/08 )



Can you tell me why?


Please forgive my pool english.