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Out of Buffers Discard Counter

Question asked by Sedat Altun on Sep 2, 2019
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I have a problem about out of buffers while using T4240rdb as a router, any idea will be appreciated.

Below I will try to explain the case.


I am using T4240rdb  with SDK 2.0 and using IXIA as a packet generator.

I am sending packets at high rate from IXIA to  10g interface fm2-mac10 , and at the same time I am pinging the 1G interface fm1-mac1.  After 10 seconds I am getting reply timeouts from fm1-mac1 .


When I looked at the statistics of fm2-mac10 and fm1-mac1 the "FMBM_RODC – Out of Buffers Discard Counter"  are increasing and the CPUs load is %100.  I assumed that  ingress packets  at this rate could not be processed and normally out of buffer occurs and the packets are dropped at both at fm2-mac10 and fm1-mac1.


My question is : Despite fm1-mac1 and fm2-mac10 are belongs to different  FMANs why out of buffer at fm2-mac10 cause packet drops at fm1-mac1.  I am asking this question because packets of fm1-mac1 are critical and I want them not not to drop, fm2-mac10 packets could be dropped.


Is there any way to avoid dropping  fm1-mac1 packets at this case ?

Maybe If I could succeed to  to separate the external buffers of fm1-mac1 and fm2-mac10 I will avoid packet drop at fm1-mac1. Is there any way to separate bman buffers for these MAC interfaces?


Thank you