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Looking for NXP development board with Wi-Fi integrated

Question asked by Gabriel Santamaría on Sep 1, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Good Day,


I’ve been looking for an NXP board with a 802.11 (Wi-Fi) module integrated, but haven’t had any luck.

The links I have already seen are:

Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Embedded Devices|NXP | NXP (Here I could only find solutions for BLE, Zigbee, Thread, and SMAC; basically protocols based on 802.15.4)

Dual band WiFi 2x2 MIMO + BT Combo Transceiver | NXP  (Which looks promising but no reference to a product number/ dev.board is made)

WIFI SISO | NXP  (Same situation as the previous link)

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi® Tower System Module (GainSpan) | NXP  (This also looked promising at first, but it seems like it isn’t available anymore, and if it had, it seems like it doesn’t have support for MCU Xpresso SDKs)

Wireless Connectivity Freedom Development Boards | NXP (This is a list of wireless solutions too, but I was unable to find anything related to Wi-Fi here either)


if anyone knows about a development board with Wi-Fi integrated, please let me know.

Also, I would like to mention that if such board has an API already integrated in the SDK for making it easier to use, it would be greatly appreciated.