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Bootable_image size is 0 (SDRAM) 

Question asked by JingHuan Huang on Sep 2, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by JingHuan Huang

Hello, I want to generate bootable_image as boot code. When boot time, the boot code will run sdram.


Issue:  The boot_image size is 0 by the elftosb tool (win)。

Env: RT1050 EVKB, QSPI Flash (IS25WP064A), SDRAM(IS42S16160J-6BLI, 256Mb)


Generation Bootable image flow: (

STEP1. Create new project(example code: rt1050_iled_blinky).

Set MCU Setting -> Flash driver (IS25WP064A).

Modify SDRAM location 0x80002000 address.




STEP3.  Go to C/C++ Build >> Settings >> MCU Linker >> Manage linker script, and check the box Link application to RAM.

STEP4. Build (Check SDRAM space)


STEP5. Generate an SDRAM_iled_blinky_boot_image.s19 (.s19)


STEP6. Download (

The put Tools > bd_file > imx10xx      

 The dcd.bin put Tools > elftosb > win


STEP7.  Use elftosb tool to generate image file, Execute Command prompt (administrator mode)

elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ..\..\bd_file\imx10xx\ -o evkbimxrt1050_led_blinky.bin SDRAM_iled_blinky_boot_image.s19


       Generate evkbimxrt1050_led_blinky.bin & evkbimxrt1050_led_blinky_nopadding.bin


elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ..\..\bd_file\imx10xx\ -o evkbimxrt1050_led_blinky_nopadding.bin





STEP8.  Found boot_image size is 0.




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