MCF52259 PAD control registers&bits.

Discussion created by MrBean on Feb 26, 2009
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The MCF52259RM is a mess regarding PSRR and PDSR registers.


Table 2-1 shows :

 28 bits of PDSR

 8 bits Pin wired-OR control.

 No Slew rate control.


Figure 15-1 page 15-5 shows :

 80 bits of PSRR (PSRR 0x10_0078, PSRRL 010_0080, PSRRH 0x10_0086)

 80 bits of PDSR (PDSR 0x10_007C, PDSRL 010_0088, PDSRH 0x10_008E)


Paragraph 15.6.6 shows:

 Reference to table 2-1. Alas most bits are not in there so one can only guess which bit controls which pin.

 PSRR is gone. PSRRL has suddenly moved to 010_0078.

 PDSR also gone. PDSRL *and* PDSRH have both suddenly moved to 0x10_007C.




I'd like to know how they really work.

Can anyone tell me please ?