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LPC845: Wrong value in SPI | TXDATCTL | EOT flag

Question asked by 12345 67890 on Sep 1, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by Alice_Yang


the spelling name of the flag is mixed up with the opposite:

The tooltip for 'SSEL_not_deasserted' is correct, but the text itself is wrong: The flag is set so the text must be 'SSEL_deasserted'.


MCUXpresso 11.0, SDK 2.6.0 for LPC845.


By the way: The macro 'SPI_TXDATCTL_LEN(7)' is ab bit tricky, because this definition is for SPI 8 bit data length. I expected 'SPI_TXDATCTL_LEN(8)' for 8 bit data length and needed a logic analyzer to find out that the LEN field in TXDATCTL is +1 encoded. More precisely: That the macro is +1 encoded as well.