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imx6: Detail on reset cause

Question asked by Antonio Di Muoio on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Antonio Di Muoio

Hi all,

Ii'm working on an imx6 powered board (openrex project), i'm integrating two system:

- OTA update system (Mender)

- Hard Reset (hand-made)


To develop the Hard reset, i need the information on the last reset cause (POR, WDOG etc..).

I'm able to write this information in a u-boot env variable.

The problem is the lack of information about the "real cause of the reboot". Following the function that return the reset cause.

I need to isolate the reset cause and POR is excessively generic.

I need unambiguous return value, specific for the reboot occurring pressing the reset button (only one on the board).


Where can i found a complete list of possible value (&src_regs->srsr)??




static char *get_reset_cause(void)
    u32 cause;
    struct src *src_regs = (struct src *)SRC_BASE_ADDR;


    cause = readl(&src_regs->srsr);
    writel(cause, &src_regs->srsr);
    reset_cause = cause;


    switch (cause) {
    case 0x00001:
    case 0x00011:
        return "POR";
    case 0x00004:
        return "CSU";
    case 0x00008:
        return "IPP USER";
    case 0x00010:
        return "WDOG";
    case 0x00020:
        return "JTAG HIGH-Z";
    case 0x00040:
        return "JTAG SW";
    case 0x00080:
        return "WDOG3";
    case 0x00100:
        return "TEMPSENSE";
    case 0x10000:
        return "WARM BOOT";
        return "unknown reset";