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Problem while resizing ov10635 camera captured image

Question asked by Md Anayatullah on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by bpe

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to display 4 omnivision 10635 camera captured data by resizing the each camera data, so that all four camera data can be displayed simultaneously in single screen.But I am unable to resize frame using UMat Class.My code is given below:
 vsdk::Mat frame_cam0 = lpFrame[0].mUMat.getMat(vsdk::ACCESS_RW |OAL_USAGE_CACHED);
 vsdk::Mat frame_cam1 = lpFrame[1].mUMat.getMat(vsdk::ACCESS_RW |OAL_USAGE_CACHED);
 vsdk::Mat frame_cam2 = lpFrame[2].mUMat.getMat(vsdk::ACCESS_RW |OAL_USAGE_CACHED);
 vsdk::Mat frame_cam3 = lpFrame[3].mUMat.getMat(vsdk::ACCESS_RW |OAL_USAGE_CACHED);
 vsdk:: Mat frame0;
 vsdk:: Mat frame1;
 vsdk:: Mat frame2;
 vsdk:: Mat frame3;
 Size size(640,360);
 Rect ROI(0,360,640,360);
 Rect ROI1(0, 0,640,360);
 Rect ROI2(640, 0,640,360);
 Rect ROI3(640,360,640,360);


The Error while building it on Linux:
../src/main.cpp:494:35: error: invalid initialization of reference of type ‘cv::InputArray {aka const cv::_InputArray&}’ from expression of type ‘vsdk::Mat’  resize(frame_cam0,frame0,size);


Any suggestion regarding how to resize the camera captured image will be highly appreciated....


Best Regards
Md Anayatullah