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Flash programming using uProg1flash and uErasePages / 9S08QG8

Discussion created by Esko Jaakkola on Feb 26, 2009
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I have searched and read several discussions concerning flash erase and program on hcs08 device. Particularly I have to find solution for the 9S08QG8. Most of methods presented in the forum are using their own copyToRam() etc. method. But how can I use methods allready in monitor program; uProg1Flash and uErasePages. As I have understood, those method use doOnStack() subroutine which is also in monitor rom. I shouldn't need anything else than those subroutines and flash register initialization. I am bit confused how to use that pseudo vector mechanism.



;* Jump table for utility subroutines
uProg1flash:jmp   Prog1flash  ;program (A) into flash at (H:X)
uErasePages:jmp   ErasePages  ;page-erase a block of flash