Rakesh Awanti

Serial Port not detected for LPC54018 IoT module & base board (OM40008)

Discussion created by Rakesh Awanti on Aug 29, 2019
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The problem I'm facing is that serial ports for LPC54018 IoT module & base board is not detected in the device manager. I'm able to flash & debug for both the modules, I've tried with various examples from SDK for the module (2.6.0). But the serial port is not coming up.


I assumed, drivers were not installed on my PC but I'm facing the same problem on other PC as well. Any help is appreciated.


Also, I've few more queries regarding the LPC54018 base board (OM40008).

    i. Since the base board has a LPC Link2 on board debugger probe, I should be able to debug & flash the module just by connecting to DAP connector (J10). Is my assumption right?

    ii. Also, as per the base board schematic (rev A), if jumper JP4 is shorted DAP-LINK interface is disabled. Then I should be able to use the JP10 as a comm port. Is my assumption right?


Any help is really appreciated.