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CMSIS DSP library porting in LPC54608J512BD208

Question asked by Prasanna Naik on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by soledad


   I am using LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller in a project. I want to use 32 bit fft functions available in CMSIS library but i am unable to compile the code after calling "arm_rfft_fast_init_f32()"  function. I have referred to "Using CMSIS-DSP with MCUXpresso SDK and IDE " but still getting compilation error 
"cannot find -llibarm_cortexM4lf_math lpcxpresso54608_hello_world C/C++ Problem"


I have given path of library file located in sdk. My sdk is in same workspace.


I have attached the code for reference. Please help in resolving this issue.


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