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imx8m-mini can be downloaded but cannot be started

Question asked by zhou shuangjiu on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by Rita Wang

We made an imx board with reference to the official 8MMINILPD4-EVK board. The DDR, emmc and circuit are the same.
Get the board, we try to burn the code in the serial downloader mode, the burning is successful, the attachment is the print log!
But the strange thing is that we switched to the internal boot mode, the serial port did not print any more, we checked the boot0 and boot1 pins, their levels are normal, we also found that the board has become the serial downloader mode!

And in other modes, it will eventually become the serial downloader mode!

Excuse me, what kind of problem might there be? How can I locate the problem?