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wic image on Windows

Question asked by David Vescovi on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by CarlosCasillas

I have been doing Yocto build on a cloud hosted Ubuntu VM.

When my build finishes I use WinSCP to download the build artifacts to my Windows 10 desktop.

Our corp. I.T. dept. does not allow Linux PC or VM's thus building in the cloud.

I use to be able to just use the "xxx.yyyy.sdcard" file and directly program my SD card with the Win32DiskImager utility.


I see newer Yocto versions now use "xxx.yyy.wic" as the image file.

I know how to use this to program a SD if you are hosted on a Linux PC but I only have Windows.


1. Is there a utility that can be used to directly to program an SD card using the .wic file on a Windows PC?

2. Is there a utility to convert a .wic file to a binary image format I can use with Win32DiskImager?

3. Is there a Windows imager that can take a .wic file as input?

4. Is it possible to modify the build to always produce a .sdcard file?


Note: WSL (Windows Services for Linux) is NOT an option. I.T. disabled that too.