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Flash access time for LPC54628 at 220MHz

Question asked by Hugo Gateau on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Hugo Gateau

In documentation (UM10912.pdf section 6.5.64 Table 182 FLASHTIM) we can read that the LPC54628 can operate with 8 system clocks flash access time (for system clock rates up to 168 MHz and for system clock rates 180 MHz < CCLK <= 220 MHz). So at 220 MHz I would expect 8 system clocks access time instead of 9 at 180 MHz.

But in the SDK CLOCK driver version 2.2.0. this is not the case in fls_clock.c:


void CLOCK_SetFLASHAccessCyclesForFreq(uint32_t iFreq)



    else if (iFreq <= 168000000U)




Am I missing something or is it a mistake ?

Thank you for your help.