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KW36 : Wireless Uart Send Uart stream iphone behaviour issue

Question asked by Prakash Velayutham on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez



Greetings for the day !


I would like to understand the behaviour of send uart stream feature of KW36 with iphones.

I have flashed W_uart example in FRDM_KW36 board.


My issue is that when i try to send some data to connected peer device through pRecvStream parameter BleApp_SendUartStream(pRecvStream,streamSize) , it is not sent successfully to the connected peer device in the following cases :

Case1 : I have disabled Pairing and bonding in FRDM-KW36 and when i connect any iphone , i am trying to connect KW36 and Iphone through IOT TOOLBOX wireless uart , i am able to connect it and when i try to send some data from iphone iot toolbox app , data is received by FRDM-KW36 successfully and is displayed in serial console(say teraterm) but when i try to send some data back to Iphone from KW36 , the data is not sent successfully, but when i try this case in any android phone, the issue is not seen, please make me understand this difference in behaviour.


Case 2 : If i enable pairing and disable bonding, then i face the same issue as mentioned in case1.


Only when pairing and bonding is enabled, i could able to send and receive data through wireless uart in iphones..


I  request you to provide your analysis on the above as soon as possible as i am in need for the same.


My requirement is i should not use pairing and bonding, but still i should be able to send and receive wireless uart data in iphones, also i would like to make you understand ,the wireless uart data can be sent and received between KW36 and android phone without paring and bonding.


In iphone  NXP IOT toolbox app wireless uart UI , there is two option "uart" which if we click changes to "console" , when we are in console mode in ios app, then we could able to receive wireless uart from KW36 in all the above failed cases successfully, but not in uart mode, but this issue is not faced in android phone, please provide your analysis.