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Unable to retain settings on FMUK66

Question asked by Anthony Nechodom on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2019 by Iain Galloway

Problems saving parameters to FMUK66. I am able to load bootloader and firmware, once I select my air frame and reboot, config all sensors and reboot once more all settings are gone. This is my first venture into PX4 and would like to know if there is just something I am missing. 

I have tried multiple firmware versions as well as different versions of QGroundControl. HoverGames also provided a preloaded VM with required utilities and that is also providing the same results.

I have also tried erasing entire FMU via the debugger module and flashing both bootloader and firmware this way.

The drone will work fine until it is rebooted, which I then have to start like it is a new FMU. Wondering if I may have a bad unit. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you