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can 错误帧的原因?

Question asked by 朋昌 姜 on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by Petr Stancik

MCU (9S12XEP100),CAN收发器(TJA1043),  在钥匙从ACC到IGN_On过程中,遇到如下问题:


  1. 我理解错误帧是硬件根据协议主动发送的,软件无法关闭此功能,这个理解是否正确?
  2. 硬件上为什么在3毫秒内连续出20来个错误帧,是否有软件方法控制芯片不要这样连续发错误帧?(短时间大量的错误帧可能导致总线负载率突然升高)




From translator:

MCU (9S12XEP100), CAN Transceiver (TJA1043), encountered the following problems during
the key from ACC to IGN_On: The VCU sends a bit to fill the error frame.
The test results are shown in the attached file.
1. I understand that the error frame is sent by the hardware according to the protocol.
The software cannot close this function. Is this understanding correct?
2. Why is there 20 consecutive error frames in the hardware within 3 milliseconds,
is there a software method to control the chip not to send error frames continuously?
(A large number of error frames in a short time may cause the bus load rate to suddenly

Is there any way to solve this problem?