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XET256,RPAGE confused

Question asked by Min Wang on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2009 by CrasyCat

 we find the RPAGE is wrong  which results in unexpected behavior.
 one case, firstly the MCU will directly come into Sleep Mode after reset. At last we find the Sleep Flag has been SET by mistake.

  from the map we can get:
                                       - VARIABLES:
      DIM_DWork                               FC165A      20      32     350   RAM_FC_555  
    the component DIM_DWork.ProgramMode_Start address should  be in FC166A.
    and in FD166A  we find
      slm_sleepMode                           FD166A       1       1       6   RAM_FD_554 

 we suspect the system confused the RAM_FC with RAM_FD .and actually the RPAGE is already wrong  before this operation. But we don’t know why.
 so  would you please make it clear? Or explain?
 and another question is : would you tell  us the mechanism  for the both core XGATE and CPU12 when they  allocate the RAM source to the temporary variables?

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