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LPC51U68 USB Bootload doubt

Question asked by Filipe Costa on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Filipe Costa

Hello to everybody!
I'm new to NXP micro so sorry if the following questions are pretty basic.
Currently, I'm customizing my own board with LPC51U68 micro and I do have some questions regarding bootload through USB.
1- Is it possible to boot a binary firmware file to the flash using USB or should I use JTAG pins through an OM40005 board? I've seen the documentation regarding ISP modes (3.2 PIN description of LPC51U68 User manual) but I'm pretty confused. 

2-If I need a developer board will I need mandatory an OM40005 or can I use an OM13058 for instance?
3-I've connected directly LPC51U68 USB pins to USB connector and when I reset the LPC51U68 my PC finds CRP DISABLD disk (see attached image) but when I replace the firmware.bin to another binary file and reset LPC51U68, it finds the same previous firmware.bin file (manufacturer firmware). What am I doing wrong?

Hope you can help me.

All the best,
Filipe Costa