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NXQ1TXH5 issue in FOD detection and power transfer

Question asked by Hariharan Chandrasekaran on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Hariharan Chandrasekaran

I am developing wireless charging application using NXQ1TXH5 application notes AN11775. I am observing the following problems after powering the device with transmitter coil (Abracon LLC Part# AWCCA-20N20H20-C01-B). Universal Receiver
( AllExtreme 5V 1000mAh Micro USB Wireless Mobile Charging Receiver Android Qi Charger Adapter Chip Compatible with Samsung Oppo Vivo Mi Motorola Nokia).

1. RED LED is ON for 3 - 4 secs
2. GREEN and RED LEDs are blinking alternate for 3 times
3. RED LED is ON continuously


I have tested the with Transmitter and and Receiver coil with 1-2 mm distance. The device is not getting detected and no power transmission is happening.


Changes Made:

I have changed R8 and R9 resistors to 82K and 47K as per coil rating. Based the observation I understand that the controller is always in the Wait state. It is either receiver error of FOD error.


VFOD_TH is measured as between 2.4 V to 5 V. (Reserved). FOD is detected and it is always on the reserve state. We suspect that transmitter and receiver coil. Please advise if the selected Transmitter is compatible to the NXP controller. Any changes to be made in the schematics provided in the application notes.


Once we succeed in the building the prototype. We are planning to use this NXP controller series for our products. Kindly provide your support on this.#