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Question asked by Kamal Nasif on Aug 26, 2019
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I am using the MIMXRT1050-EVK demo board with Keilv5 Pro edition. Keilv5 has an existing example project for my board which uses SEMC with external SDRAM and runs a simple read and write test which is currently working. My end goal is to get SEMC working with SRAM at location 0xA0000000 for I/O memory mapping. I will use this memory space to read in button and external device values in my program.


I am trying to do the same project but use the external SRAM instead of SDRAM. The SRAM base address is 0xA0000000 and has some settings that need to be set. Below, the first screenshot is the demo project with working SDRAM settings and the second screenshot is the settings needed for the SRAM.


I have tried to leave the SEMC SRAM settings as default but the program keeps failing when trying to read the data that should have been written to the SRAM. The program is successfully initialized SRAM (not sure if it is initializing in the right way) and then fails when trying to read data. The only helpful information I found is this NXP thread of someone using the same board with SEMC SRAM. I tried to use the same settings they set for their SRAM but still no success.


IMXRT1050 SEMC SRAM 16-bit Write 


My main question is where can I find the correct settings to set up the SEMC with SRAM (shown in the second screenshot) and how can I map I/O into the SRAM memory space? Any information on the SEMC with SRAM is appreciated. Thanks.


SDRAM SEMC Settings:


SRAM SEMC Settings: