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Exit from SNVS mode

Question asked by Andrew Kinmont on Aug 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

We are having issues with getting our custom i.MX RT1051 board to exit SNVS mode using the wakeup pin, and wondered if this is an issue that might have been seen by others.

To test this, we are using the Power Mode Switch example application from the latest SDK. When we compile it for our board, we are able to exit from SUSPEND, but not from SNVS, using the wakeup pin. We have modified the code to also allow us to test wakeup using an SRTC alarm, and this works fine, which suggests that there is some issue with recognising the wakeup pin interrupt when the board is in SNVS mode.

We have also tested this same example application on our evaluation board, and it works fine (using the wakeup pin), however, our evaluation board is an older one that has the A0 step of the silicon, whereas our custom board has A1 silicon fitted.

Has anyone tested the Power Mode Switch example application on a newer evaluation board (one that has A1 silicon fitted)? This would probably eliminate the silicon revision as a possible source of the issue that we are seeing.