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CTIMER Match Shadow Registers Missing From lpc8xx.h File

Question asked by Albert Pion on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Alice_Yang

I am using the LPC845 with the MCUXpresso IDE V 11.0.  I have imported the code bundle and have developed my code using the examples. 


My problem is this: In the common directory included with the code bundle there is a file called lpc8xx.h which contains the basic peripheral register structures.  However, in the CTIMER structure (LPC_TIMER_TypeDef) there is no mention of the Match Shadow Registers as described in the LPC845 User Manual section 20.7.13 page 372. 


I need to use the shadow registers because I am writing to the timer as it is running.  I cannot write to the match register itself or I run the risk of writing a value smaller than the counter value, causing the counter to wrap around and miss it's match.


Is the lack of Shadow Registers in the lpc8xx.h file intentional?  Is it an oversight?  Should I add them in myself?