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Memory map LPC55S66

Question asked by dingelen on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by ZhangJennie



I'm using the LPC55S66 since only this one is available in revision 1B.


Now I'm looking for the difference in flash and SRAM allocation but can't seem to find any good information on it.


SDK shows the same memory sizes as for the LPC55S69 and the Datasheet/UserManual only seem to cover the LPC55S69.


Where can I find the info to generate a correct linker file?


I've tried using the examples from the LPC55S69 in the LPC55S66 but they don't seem to work. Could this be due to the incorrect linker file. I've always assumed that this would only give problems as soon as the memories used exceeded the available memory.