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About i.MX7D DDR Controller Configuration Spreadsheet

Question asked by on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2019 by Yuri Muhin


In order to perform LPDDR3 calibration from i.MX7d, I am editing the attached spreadsheet.
I have two questions.
(1) The max frequency is 533MHz.
In that case, the READ Latency is 8, the Write Latency is 4, and it is listed in the DDR data sheet.
I have to change line numbers 114 and 115 in the attachment sheet “Register Configuration”.
There is a statement that the value will be maintained and not changed as shown below.
Can I change this?
"On Register Configuration Tab, an unshaded cell means that the value should remain as is and should not be modified.In these cases, the settings are provided for completeness."


(2) RD2PRE on line 109 of attached sheet "Register Configuration"
The formula “LPDDR3: BL / 2 + max (tRTP, 4)-4” is listed in the Notes column.
However, the cell D109 does not have such a formula.
Can I keep this as it is?


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