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Setting Variables/Functions to specific memory

Question asked by variable_andrew on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Con Verse

Following these NXP community examples (Placing Data into different RAM Blocks from Placing Functions into RAM Blocks) seems to work (compile) - but the MCUXpresso IDE is giving warnings - indicating that maybe the MCUXpresso Indexer can't find the header.


Code example:  

#include <cr_section_macros.h>

__DATA(RAM2) unsigned char array[]={







Unresolved inclusion: <cr_section_macros.h>

And syntax error on the array variable.



I've tried:

1. Cleaning & rebuilding project

2. Right clicking the project in MCUXpresso -> Index -> Rebuild, Freshen, Update, Re-resolve, Search for unresolved


But I couldn't get rid of the yellow warning errors from indexer, even tho no problems show up @ build time in the Problems window. 



So my questions are: 

1. How do I get rid of the above indexing errors so I don't have all code highlighted w/ yellow?

2. Are the above 2 referenced NXP Community articles (for LPCXpresso) also valid for the RT1015 in MCUXpresso?