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i.mx280 platform/Want to add an USB communication module

Question asked by Remy Xu on Aug 22, 2019



We are working on a gateway with I.mx280 solution.

1) We try to add a communication module via USB interface.

2) In order to install the driver, Kernel needs to add cher device & dynamic module (ko).

3) In order to control the module and its driver, has to add an application at userspace for operating kernel driver & cher device.

Currently, we add dynamic module (ko) in kernel through menuconfig option, but below questions need your support.


a.) Where can modify SDK’s rcS? *We need to know process to modify “SDK rcS init”? (we need “insmod kernel module” when system is boot up)

b.) Where can we add mknod in SDK? *We need to know process to create “character device”? (We want to operate cher device we created in userspace under /dev/.)

c.) where can we add “udev & hotplug rule” in SDK? *We need to know control process of “USB plugged/unplugged”? (in order to has corresponding action in userspace when add/remove.)


Thank you.